Posted | August 20, 2009

Jeans Mini Skirt

It turned into one hot afternoon when we saw this black haired hottie walking down the sidewalk in her tight denim miniskirt. Susan was a gorgeous chick that loved showing off her sleek body and she had an insatiable appetite for juicy cock. Once she got her hands on this studs pole, she wasn’t going to be satisfied until she had gotten thoroughly fucked and drained him of every drop. And this horny guy was more then happy to give Susan exactly what she was asking for. He fucked her tasty pussy hard and deep filling her slit balls deep and feeding her his sperm load.



Posted | August 14, 2009

Blonde on sexy mini skirt

If you love blonde babes in miniskirts then you are going to go nuts for sexy Mia. This gorgeous babe wears that miniskirt so short it barely covers her plump butt cheeks. And she knows that she looks hot and she has this stud throbbing wanting to get at her tasty pussy. She sucks his big pole taking that cock deep down her throat and making him moan with lust. He lifts up her short skirt and dives in tongue first to her hot pink hole before licking her like crazy. Then he is pounding both of her tasty fuckholes with his bulging shaft before feeding her his jizz.



Posted | August 07, 2009

Latina on jeans mini skirt

This long haired Latina makes one irresistible sight walking down the street in her boob hugging shirt and short denim miniskirt. Anny Castro is one lovely Latina that inspires lust with her dark skinned, petite body and she loves the affect she has on men. And we were very happy to get to see her in hot action getting her holes stuffed by big cock. This horny guy was hard as a rock and just dying to get cock wet in her pussy. He licked her from hole to tasty hole getting her slicked up and ready for him before fucking her hot pussy and drilling her tender tight ass.



Posted | July 31, 2009

Red Mini Skirts

Marma is total hotness in her tube top and tiny red mini skirt that leaves her long, shapely legs bare and shows her delicious ass cheeks with every swish of her hips. Any male with a pulse would be aching to get his hands on her lush curves and this horny stud was no exception. He used his mouth, fingers and big juicy cock to explore all her holes and give her the fucking she deserved.



Posted | July 17, 2009

Sexy Mini Skirt

This sexy pale blonde looks hot in red. And luscious Kim was totally decked out in red top, mini skirt and thigh high red and black stockings. Her skirt was so short it showed off her creamy butt cheeks and pretty red panties. She slipped out of her shirt and panties and used her big dildo to play with her pussy until we sent in a real cock for her to play with and stuff her holes.



Posted | July 07, 2009

Redhead on mini skirt

Stunning redheaded Shanon knows how much her boyfriend gets turned on when she wears her butt cheek revealing mini skirts. And since she was ready for a good hard fucking, she decided to tempt him beyond his limits until his cock was rock hard & ready to go. She sucked him deep teasing his shaft with her lips & tongue before getting her pussy pounded good & hard doggy style.



Posted | June 26, 2009

Teenie on sexy mini skirt

Sexy redhead Janette in her school girl outfit of mini skirt and knee socks was almost too hot to handle. This babe had succulent pert boobs, a tight little ass and a shaved pussy that looked sweet enough lose your tongue inside of and that is exactly what this horny guy tried to do. He licked her slit from end to end dipping his tongue inside her sweet slice of heaven. And when this stud with his meaty cock was bulging and ready, he stuffed her slick pussy and tight ass with his pole giving her a good hard fucking until he was ready to spew his load all over her face.



Posted | June 20, 2009

Blonde Teenie in miniskirt

This sexy blonde chick dressed in her very short mini skirt is just asking for a hard fucking. And that is exactly what she gets after posing and stripping down to her just her mini skirt on the bed. Andy takes this studs cock in her mouth sucking him deep while she uses her hand to fondle his balls. She knows just how to tease him into urgency and it doesn’t take him long before he has her legs spread wide and is burying his throbbing dick in her hot pussy while she rides him cowgirl style. Then he is filling her tight ass until she is ready to scream in pleasure.



Posted | June 13, 2009

Susan on jeans miniskirt

Sexy Susan is the kind of raven haired chick that you see walking down the street in her tight blue jean miniskirt and your cock starts tingling at the thought of lifting that miniskirt and nailing her from behind. Lucky for this horny hunk, Susan wanted his bulging cock as much as he wanted to give it her. She had her mouth wrapped around his long pole sucking him deep in her mouth and teasing him with her hot tongue. All that teasing got the desired results for this naughty babe and it didn’t take long before she was riding him hard and getting stuffed doggy style.



Posted | June 06, 2009

Latin Sexy Skirt

Anny is one sweet looking chick with her dark skin and lusty curves. She is a walking wet dream in her tight denim miniskirt that shows off her shapely legs and molds to her luscious ass. And this Latina babe didn’t mind letting us know that she loved cock and getting her holes filled with man meat. We had just the stud to do her right and appease her cock craving. He pumped her pussy deep with his big fuck stick while she rode him like a rodeo star. Then he couldn’t resist stretching that tight ass of hers and filling it with every inch of his fat and juicy shaft.



Posted | May 29, 2009

Sexy Mini Skirt

The best part of sexy Mia Carson wearing a miniskirt is that it makes her hot holes so easy to access. And this horny hunk is going to take full advantage of that accessibility and of her slick and pink holes. They start things off with Mia slurping up his cock like a popsicle before he is tonguing her smooth pussy and delving his tongue inside her pink flesh. He licks her slit until she is squirming in orgasm then he is filling her with his long and thick dick stuffing her full before moving onto her tight asshole to plunder it with his rod until he blows.



Posted | May 21, 2009

Carla Jessi

Carla has a sweet face & slender mouth watering body that is shown to perfection in her blue jean mini skirt and white tank top. She was very playful & she loved cock & getting all of it she could. This horny stud was more then happy to give her every inch of his plump man meat in every tasty fuckhole she had until he was ready to blow his load into her open and waiting mouth.



Posted | May 15, 2009


Anna Curtis was such a cutie in her gold jacket and blue miniskirt. We talked her into posing outside before working out way back to our apartment for some filming that was a little bit more on the intimate side. It took a bit of sweet talking but once Anna agreed and she let go, she was a natural on camera and she knew exactly what to do with that big cock once she got it in her hands and mouth. She sucked our stud from balls to head and let him tongue her tasty pussy. She spread her legs wide and he took her up on the invitation pounding that tight pussy like crazy.



Posted | May 09, 2009

Martha Weber

Martha just looked so hot in her denim miniskirt with her long legs left bare that we couldn’t help but follow her around town with our camera. She was a blonde hottie with a super body and killer smile that was hard not to stare at. She noticed us but we were hard to miss drooling like we were. She agreed to go back to our studio and give us a show and we done more then that by giving her a hard cock to play with. This stud lifts her tight skirt and pounds that lovely shaved pussy before busting a nut and spewing his sticky jizz load all over her pretty smiling face.



Posted | May 01, 2009


This dark haired beauty had a sinfully wicked body she loved showing off in her butt revealing miniskirt while she rollerbladed in the park. Augustina loved attention and she got plenty of that when this horny guy got his hands on her. He lifted her skirt and checked out her incredible ass before taking her back to his apartment for some hot and heavy fuck action. She wrapped those hot lips around his thick dick and drove him wild with her blowjob skills. He didn’t even get her skirt off just lifted it up so he could pound her slick pussy with every inch of his cock.



Posted | April 24, 2009

Debora Pratt

Debora was such a sexy blonde and she loved to turn men’s heads. And with that killer body dressed in a flaming red miniskirt, there was no way you could miss her. She was outside watering her flowers when she got this neighborhood hunks attention and decided to go over and see if she was as hot as she looked. Turns out Debora was ready for some steamy cock play and she gave this stud all he could handle and more. She sucked his beefy meat pole right outside in the yard before they ever made it into the house. And she rode his hard cock like she was born to that task.



Posted | April 16, 2009


When this firm bodied brunette struts in her frayed miniskirt, the first thing you can’t help but to notice is those long, toned legs. But it’s what you can’t see that has our boy rock hard and ready to bury his cock in this brown haired beauty. If those seductive hazel eyes could talk they would only have one thing to say, “I’m going to ride your dick until you beg me to stop.” She’s a nympho and proud of it. The sexy black lace covering Paola’s soft, shaven pussy is her subtle way of letting us know she is horny as hell and she’s ready for her close up.



Posted | April 10, 2009


This sexy slender babe is Natasha and she loves showing off her sleek body in tight shirts and short mini skirts. She has tiny tits, long shapely legs and a pussy that just aches for big cock to come inside. Natasha takes this piece of man meat in her hot pussy and lets him plunder her deep while he legs are pushed to her chest. Then she rides his cock holding herself up with her long legs so he can pound her slit like crazy. They are both wet and ready to orgasm but this stud isn’t done until he takes her from behind and has her begging for his cum load.



Posted | April 09, 2009


Lisa is a big tit babe that is super hot in her ass revealing mini skirt. She fondles and jiggles her big tits for the camera and shows of her tasty butt cheeks. And this dark haired slut is all smiles when she is given a big cock to play with. She strokes this guy with her tits and entices him to spank her nipples with his pole before sucking him deep in her mouth. And when he is hard and ready to fuck, he bends her over on all fours on the sofa pumping deeply from behind and thrusting hard and fast so her big juicy boobies are bouncing like beach balls in a hurricane.



Posted | April 08, 2009


Connie missed her boyfriend’s birthday, so she decides to make it up to him with a little strip show. She comes over in a tiny little white miniskirt and top for their date, but before they can leave, she starts touching herself and flashing him. He loves watching her pinch and prod her tight little nipples and pert breasts. After pulling her top and his pants off, he pulls her down on the sofa beside him and makes her suck his dick. Then she rides his cock, shouting and moaning in pleasure as he fucks her hot pussy. Connie’s ass looks amazing in her skirt, especially when she pulls up the bright white fabric to show us her tanned bottom.



Posted | April 07, 2009

Analia Flores

Analia is so damn sexy in her mini skirt that skims her tasty curves like a lovers touch. This long haired babe comes across all sweet and shy but give her access to a big, meaty cock and she will show you real fast just how naughty she can become. She eagerly takes this studs plump cock in her mouth and slurps him deep until he is hard and ready for some hardcore fucking. He bends her over and plunges his dick deep in her pink slit from behind and rams her balls deep with every inch of his meat stick until she is gasping and he is ready to fill her with his cock cream.



Posted | April 06, 2009


This chick is a real hottie with her blonde curly hair, dark bedroom eyes, shaved pussy and craving for juicy cock. Mary Aaron is definitely one hot piece of ass and she loves showing off her sexy curves in her slinky mini skirt. She is totally revved up and raring to go once she gets her hands on this guys plump dick. Mary takes him as far down her throat as she can as he fucks her mouth hard, holding her head in place. Then he buries his pecker in her cunt up to his balls fucking her until she is screaming and squirming and begging for every inch of his juicy dick.



Posted | April 05, 2009


Amy was out playing tennis when she got spotted by one of our mini-skirt loving guys. He followed her off the court and asked if she’s like to have a little fun. Of course she said yes. While she might look wholesome, Amy quickly revealed her slutty side as she lets him slip his hand up her skirt and fool around. Soon, Amy has her lips warped around his cock. After a nice blowjob, he finally pushes up her miniskirt and rams his cock deep into her tight pussy.



Posted | April 04, 2009

Laura Six

Laura looks damn good in her tight mini skirt and she loves flashing her sexy ass and turning on every man in sight. She seemed in need of a big cock to play with so we hooked her up with a meaty stud that couldn’t wait to get his pole inside her tight cunt and pound her deep. He pushed her mini skirt to her waist, sliding off her thong and pushed his way between her puffy pussy lips to fill her full of his throbbing pecker. Laura loved it so much that she returned the favor and rode his slick cock until he was ready to shoot his sticky jizz all over her cute face.



Posted | April 03, 2009

Kristina Zoe

Kristina Zoe is such a sweetheart and she looks really hot in her tight blue jean mini skirt that hugs her round ass and leaves her long shapely legs bare. She takes that thick and meaty cock in her tight pussy with a smile on her face. But this brunette hottie might have gotten more then she bargained for when this big cock stud starts fucking her in earnest and pumps every inch of his man meat inside her tight pink slit. She is gasping and squealing with every deep thrust and by the look on her face, its almost more then she can handle, but she takes it like a real pro.